Deliver the perfect speech every time.

Speech is Designed

…as a companion to both practice and deliver your next keynote address. “Speech” will help you get your timings perfect, let it alert you when it’s time to stress a point or to start summing up.
When it is time to deliver your keynote you can either keep an eye on “Speech” or put your phone on silent and pop it in your pocket. “Speech” will vibrate for all your alerts. Once you have your alerts added and “Speech” started, you are free to use any other app. This is especially useful if you are using your device to run a slide show. “Speech” alerts pop up on the screen and let you know how much time is remaining.

More Alerts

“Speech” gives you the ability to set more than just one alert for the duration of your keynote speech. Select the time from the picker on the top of the screen, press the ‘+’ button and you’re done, you’ve just set your first alert. Repeat to add more. Alerts are colour coded to give you an idea of where they occur in your speech. Alerts that appear a little faded out fall outside the duration of the speech.

To remove an alert, just swipe left on the alert you want to remove.

It’s as simple as that to set alerts on “Speech”.

Built for iOS7

Last but not least, “Speech” is built for iOS7, Apple’s latest and greatest mobile operating system.
“Speech” not only helps you deliver you keynote, it does it in style.


It’s as simple as 1,2,3 to setup
1. In the “Duration” tab, enter the amount of time you have to speak.
2. In the “Countdown” tab, practice your speech while the app is running.
3. In the “Alerts” tab, set one or more alerts at key points or to remind you to start summing up.

Key Features

1. Easy to setup and use.
2. Visual, Audio and Vibration alert (the latter two can be independently switched on/off)
3. Beautiful iOS7 interface.


Great design, great app.


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