Customer check-in app for the OnReg (by Ultimate Sport Service) online entry and payment system. Version 2.0

Ultimate Sport Service Clients / Ultimate Sports Services

The Client

Ultimate Sport Service is a Danish based company specialised in professional technical solutions on timing and result services for sports events. Their customers vary from triathlon, running, cycling, mountain biking, Nordic sports and snow kite racing.

The Brief

Ultimate Sport Service required an iOS APP to allow the Local Organising Committee of an event to register event participants.
The client required an iPhone app to scan eTickets of participants. The client also commissioned an iPad display, which would show the details of the participant once their eTicket was scanned.
The formatting of both displays (iPhone and iPad) must be configurable to allow the App to be customised per event.
The goal of Ultimate Sport Service was to give event organisers and participants a total immersive registration experience.

The App

  • One of our main goals was to make the app easy to use. The user should be able to pick up the device and just use the app without any guidance.
  • The app scans e-tickets, race chips and NFC enabled race tags.
  • The second part of the App was the iPad display. The display has two functions:
    • To attract entrants attention to the registration area and prompt them to get their e-tickets, race chips or NFC race tags ready for scanning.
    • To show their details once their e-ticket was scanned.

The App is mission critical and must be 100% reliable.

The Events

Version 1.0 of the app had its maiden voyage at Holmenkollmarsjen 2013 in Norway and the UltimateREGISTRATION App registered all 5,000 athletes. Since then ultimateREGISTRATION has been used all over the world at triathlons, mountain biking, cross country skiing, marathons to name but a few. Version 2.0 has now come along offering even more features with its latest outing at the Comrades 2015 Marathon in South Africa. Each time the app delivered a 100% reliability.

Ultimate Sport Service were happy, the event organisers were happy and the event entrants were happy. To sum up, everyone was happy, which made us happy too.

Visit the photo bar to see some screen shots of the iPhone and iPad app.